85 fluKus !!

Welcome to 85 fluKus.

This is basically our casual journal to exchange opinions between 8 (Tatsuya) and 5 (Joseph) regarding our interests as an entity.  We just started 85 fluKus as a design group; however, we do not know what exactly we want to be involved with.  This blog should help to think what and how 85 fluKus might commit to our society.

The subject of each post will be really subjective by the writer.  It can be anything, but it has to have a point or a perspective.  A good one should be something that you discover or feel excitement over your daily life.  Of course a subject can be something that you want to bring on a table to discuss. 

As an example, I am going to write something now.  What I would like to talk here is the reason why we pick “blog” rather than “Twitter” .

The idea behind using this blog is to create database of our interests.  So, I think blog can be used as an idea note for 85 fluKus.  Besides blog has search function so that we can look up when we want to know what we thought about it. 

Twitter, on the other hand cannot use like this.  I think Twitter is good on some ideas keep moving.  Maybe because of Twitter’s character, the contents will not be deep enough to discuss.  Twitter is good at informing something to unknown people at the moment.  Unfortunately we do not need that kind of speed for now.  I think Twitter provides horizontal movement, but Blog can supply vertical movement like “digging ideas”, which we need.

The other reason is “time”, I think.  8 and 5 are living different countries.  We have 15 hours time difference.  Twitter is usually reflecting “now”, while blog can be timeless.  Blog is more stable to consider a subject because of the number of word that we can put.  And sometimes an idea needs to sleep.  This means whatever we wrote can connect what is written now.  As a result we might discover something new.  We desire this exciting moment!!

Well, in fact this is not really good example yet at least showing the point.  And I have to remind that 8 does not use English on daily basis.  So please do not tease 8‘s post regarding his English.

Lastly this blog is opened to everyone.  If you have any opinions about any of our posts, please feel free to leave comments.  We will reply them.

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