High technology with baby’s item

Long time no see.  This is 8.  I am so sorry to not post any until now.  I had been busy and messed around with my life recently.  Well, now my wife and I are moving to new city for my new job.  I do not know when I can post new article, but I want to tell what I found recently.

My wife is going to deliver a baby in three months.  Before it happens, we need to prepare for our new born.  So we went to a department store to buy some important items for our baby, which were a baby car, child seat, and a cloth to hold a baby.

I did not pay attention to any baby car until this time.  I was so surprised that the technology for especially baby car and child seat is so high.  I attach this link showing what we eventually bought.

The company is called Aprica that was started in Osaka, but they use  foreigners for their advertisement.  Anyway, this baby car tries to protect babies from heat, I think , especially from summer.  According to Aprica, in the summer the surface temperature on the ground could be 51.2 Celsius.  Up to 38 cm from the ground, it could be 40.1 Celsius which is really hot for a baby.  However, if you rise the level of the baby up to 50 cm, the temperature will drop to 38.4 Celsius.  This is the reason why Aprica made the seat 50 cm above the ground.

Secondary, the baby car can transform from confront position to back position smoothly.  The surprising technology is that Aprica create the situation that the front wheel is always free to move.  Isn’t it cool ?  Due to this inovation, you can easily turn the corner.  If  the front wheel cannot move, you will have difficulty to turn.  I could feel Japanese craftman soul, you know.

There are more to describe it, but I have to go to bed now.  Tomorrow, we are moving to new city.  I am so excited to have new life with my family.

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Leo Villareal

I attended the Chicago’s Renewal Navy Pier design ideas presentation last night which was the second night of design team’s presentation. Unfortunately, I had to use the different room from the actual oral presentation space without RSVP. It was interesting, but some ideas were questionable for hardship in Chicago’s particular weather.

You can find the proposals in here:


However, James Corner Field Operation team had Leo Villareal as one of team members and his works were very interesting. In proposal, they used his ‘Stars‘ project integrated with Ferris Wheel. But I realized his other programmed LED light works are also fantastic!

They work very well with the space.

Copyright © 2012 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC


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Enter Through the Gift Shop

image by thesuperslice.com

When I have watched this great comedy movie, it was very entertaining and left me wondering…

One thing for sure though is that I’ve become so interested with street arts.

However, I could not understand one part that how Banksy directed this movie with such a bizarre story as the title suggests. I felt like the whole thing seems to be staged.  Then, when I read this, it all made sense. As far as I could see, it was all cleverly staged.

I won’t spoil it by what the article covers…

Currently, I am working on the project (Bloomingdale Trail and Park in Chicago) that involves with street arts. I had difficulty in understanding the difference between street art and graffiti. I thought blindly they were all the same. Then, after watching ETTGS (Exit Through the Gift Shop), I could see in different perspective that I could begin to sense them better.

Banksy cleverly ask questions to the audience what street art is and it becomes in ETTGS.  It also shows how this becomes money-making business by taking Mr. Brainwash’s case. To me, those street arts shown in the movie were very entertaining. They were witty and easy to communicate. It clearly mocks and shows strong messages by simply modifying existing art works to have both instant effect and impact on viewers. That way it can attract more viewers and the value of existing art work somehow add value to the (stolen?) art work. In result, those art works can sell at such high prices I think at least for Mr. Brainwash’s case (or Banksy’s?).

However, I really liked the simplicity and iconic style of those street art pieces. It does makes me to want it and possess. Maybe that is how I have entered and exited through the gift shop as Banksy meant and directed ETTGS probably.

I am ending with street arts created by Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Space Invader in Chicago.

If you haven’t seen ETTGS yet, see it for yourself-


Photos by Maxwell Collette, Spotted via Chicagoist

Photos by Maxwell Collette, Spotted via Chicagoist

Shepard Fairey:

Photos via Obey Facebook and by D. Katz.

photos by Joshua Mellin

photos by Joshua Mellin

photos by Joshua Mellin

Space Invader:


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