Enter Through the Gift Shop

image by thesuperslice.com

When I have watched this great comedy movie, it was very entertaining and left me wondering…

One thing for sure though is that I’ve become so interested with street arts.

However, I could not understand one part that how Banksy directed this movie with such a bizarre story as the title suggests. I felt like the whole thing seems to be staged.  Then, when I read this, it all made sense. As far as I could see, it was all cleverly staged.

I won’t spoil it by what the article covers…

Currently, I am working on the project (Bloomingdale Trail and Park in Chicago) that involves with street arts. I had difficulty in understanding the difference between street art and graffiti. I thought blindly they were all the same. Then, after watching ETTGS (Exit Through the Gift Shop), I could see in different perspective that I could begin to sense them better.

Banksy cleverly ask questions to the audience what street art is and it becomes in ETTGS.  It also shows how this becomes money-making business by taking Mr. Brainwash’s case. To me, those street arts shown in the movie were very entertaining. They were witty and easy to communicate. It clearly mocks and shows strong messages by simply modifying existing art works to have both instant effect and impact on viewers. That way it can attract more viewers and the value of existing art work somehow add value to the (stolen?) art work. In result, those art works can sell at such high prices I think at least for Mr. Brainwash’s case (or Banksy’s?).

However, I really liked the simplicity and iconic style of those street art pieces. It does makes me to want it and possess. Maybe that is how I have entered and exited through the gift shop as Banksy meant and directed ETTGS probably.

I am ending with street arts created by Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Space Invader in Chicago.

If you haven’t seen ETTGS yet, see it for yourself-


Photos by Maxwell Collette, Spotted via Chicagoist

Photos by Maxwell Collette, Spotted via Chicagoist

Shepard Fairey:

Photos via Obey Facebook and by D. Katz.

photos by Joshua Mellin

photos by Joshua Mellin

photos by Joshua Mellin

Space Invader:


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