Revolt on Typography

Anytime I work, I run into typeface dilemma. I wish I could spend more time in design or research on typography per project. Tonight, I have found a great posting titled, ‘Typographic Revolt’ from African Digital Art.

Typographic Revolt is a collaborative project by South African designers Ryan Atkinson and Stephan de Lange.

You can also find the posting on Béhance Network.

“Following great exposure with A Grotesk Love Affair, HypeForType approached us to work on a new project -They wanted to produce a 16 page Tribute to their Exclusive Faces range of fonts.

Instead of following the traditional convention of a read through booklet, we decided to go down a more conceptual route. The end result was a quick read through A3 magazine which also doubled up as a set of 8 typographic posters. Each page folds out to create an A2 double sided poster perfect for your studio or home wall space.

In this Direct Mailer , we instigated a typographic revolt, a rallying cry to all Type and their users to take up arms against the tyranny of mediocrity that assails our eyeballs and spits in the faces of good designers all over the world.Both copy and design have been carefully crafted with the conceptual theme based around Typographic Revolt. If you would like to purchase a copy of this you can, by clicking here.”

What a great project!

The concept to all the arrangement looks fantastic. It isn’t just a typical booklet, but a magazine that I can actually unfold it to put up on the walls.

While I did enjoy and appreciate the reading of the Red Letter Day in the booklet, the fonts that were used, graphics, and whole layout were beautifully designed in my perspective. They are very architectural in many ways (Grids, Composition, Mass&Void..). Very cold and clean design that fits the purpose of the concept and the context respectively.

I thought this can be another good example of using the right type right, I can learn from-!

Well done-

Screw democracy. Long live Typocracy.

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