Shingle Skin Facade

I am working on a new Green line train station project in Chicago and we are interested in using shingle skin type for cladding, currently. I found it very cool, but difficult to find enough precedent cases from web research. If there is a project that shares similar type of facade idea, please share with us your thoughts.

First project I found is Peter Zumthor’s Kunsthaus Bregenz building in Austria.  It is completed in 1997 by the lake. Using exposed etched glass shingles as a light filter for interior gives very unique experience for interior space. Frosted glass was used for ceiling tiles. These translucency quality of light was detailed with consistency.

For details,

Second project is Community Rowing Boathouse by Anmahian Winton Architects. It is completed in 2008 in Boston, MA. The interesting part of this project is that facade is actually operable panels.  To promote the mission of Community of Rowing Inc., facade is consisted with flowing operable louver wall system. In addition, shingle glass curtain wall system is also designed for smaller boathouse which is detailed nicely.


via WentworthAchitectureReview

Third project is Baker Street building in London, England by Make Architects, UK. This building also consists of laminated safety glass shingle system. The particular Scholl Glas GEWE-safe glass shingles have intermediate layers of highly tear-proof, clear transparent polyvinyl butyral films that will hold all the broken fragments together in the event glass breaks. I could not find any details of how clips work though.


via Stylepark

The last one is 1099 New York Avenue building designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. This $ 90 mil. 11 story high office building also has the shingle glass curtain wall system that each pane of glass is tilted six inches in both plan and section. Each glass panel is 12′ 6″ x 5′ 6″ which is large.  Due to the reflectivity, shingle texture looks great with sky reflections.

via Architect’sNewspaper & ganno5

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