High technology with baby’s item

Long time no see.  This is 8.  I am so sorry to not post any until now.  I had been busy and messed around with my life recently.  Well, now my wife and I are moving to new city for my new job.  I do not know when I can post new article, but I want to tell what I found recently.

My wife is going to deliver a baby in three months.  Before it happens, we need to prepare for our new born.  So we went to a department store to buy some important items for our baby, which were a baby car, child seat, and a cloth to hold a baby.

I did not pay attention to any baby car until this time.  I was so surprised that the technology for especially baby car and child seat is so high.  I attach this link showing what we eventually bought.

The company is called Aprica that was started in Osaka, but they use  foreigners for their advertisement.  Anyway, this baby car tries to protect babies from heat, I think , especially from summer.  According to Aprica, in the summer the surface temperature on the ground could be 51.2 Celsius.  Up to 38 cm from the ground, it could be 40.1 Celsius which is really hot for a baby.  However, if you rise the level of the baby up to 50 cm, the temperature will drop to 38.4 Celsius.  This is the reason why Aprica made the seat 50 cm above the ground.

Secondary, the baby car can transform from confront position to back position smoothly.  The surprising technology is that Aprica create the situation that the front wheel is always free to move.  Isn’t it cool ?  Due to this inovation, you can easily turn the corner.  If  the front wheel cannot move, you will have difficulty to turn.  I could feel Japanese craftman soul, you know.

There are more to describe it, but I have to go to bed now.  Tomorrow, we are moving to new city.  I am so excited to have new life with my family.

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Bush telegraph

I do not know if this is good translation from Japanese to English, but the other day I saw news regarding crime of “bush telegraph” on the internet.  The web site name is Tabe-log (http://tabelog.com/).  You can look up many of any kinds of restaurant in Japan.  The data-base is being made by the user of the site.  People evaluate a place where they had lunch or dinner and make the rating.  My wife and I sometimes use this web site to discover new places to eat.

How dose this web page connect to crime ?  Some notorious companys proposed something like this; if a restaurant paid some money, they would make some positive comment on Tabe-log site in order to control the rating, OR they made some negative comments on the competitor’s Tabe-log.  Actually this did work.  In Tokyo, there is a restaurant that never became popular, but one day suddenly there was a long line in front of the restaurant.  I do not know the detail, but this manipulation of rating is criminal activity.  However, how come the information in the internet is so sure?

I do not sincerely trust something like bush telegraph even not in the internet.  It CAN be a FACT but not everything.  In my experience of using Tabe-log, there is something when a restaurant have a lot of comments.  You should be careful about reading those comments.  Because I do not or cannot spend a lot of money for lunch or dinner, I would visit the restaurant that I liked in the Tabe-log.   Then, if it is good, no problem.  If it is no good, it would be the tuition then.

Similar thing often happend with book sales in Japan.  There is always sales ranking about popular books at that time.  When 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami came out, people were buying them.  Some of people bought just because it was so popular.  I just couldn’t understand this mentality because Haruki Murakami’s ways of sentences are often quite difficult to read.  Fans of his novels would understand because there are connections among his novels and the ways of thinking somehow similar.  What I want to point out here is some Japanese only care about fashion or trend, not contents.

I felt this was awkward.  When I was in the US, people seemed not much care about what others thought.  Of course there is book sales ranking at Barns & Noble, but I do not think the ranking affects what people would read like Japanese case.  So, I think this is caused by nationality.  I believe that Japanese tend to mind how and what the surrounding thinks.  This is probably because Japan is surrounded by sea or separated from other continent by oceans.  A lot of Japanese TV commentators said, “Compared with the US and Europe, …” , which I think meaningless.  Maybe this is one of a reason why Japanese have difficulty to create something from nothing, but Japanese is really good at improving something.

Well, I stop writing here because this could be endless to think.  This is a part of my brain when I heard “Bush telegraph (kuchi-komi)”  I hope you enjoy my entry.

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